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We build decks and pergolas in Geelong and the bellarine.

We are passionate about the outdoors, Elliott Building Group designs and constructs unique decking, pergolas and verandahs throughout Geelong and the Bellarine for you to enjoy now and for many years to come.

Don’t you wish you had a comfortable and great deck to enjoy the warm summer evening? Do you have a cool space to socialise and entertain your guests?

Decking serves as a great way to extend the inside of your home all the way to the outside so that you can have the much needed extra space. Moreover, if your outside space has an uneven ground or is unfit for planting, you can surely have a beautiful deck to add a charm to you property.
Whether it’s a casual outdoor entertaining area or a complete pool enclosure with outdoor kitchen, our deck builders are here to help.


Add Beauty, value and enjoyment to your outdoor space.

We are Decking builders in Geelong​, by adding a timber deck or alfresco area to a home, you will not only enhance its appearance but also add considerable value and living space. We can create relaxing retreat areas for families to enjoy together by combining timber decks, tiled patios, timber verandas and pergolas.

Is it time to realise the true potential of your garden with a beautiful outdoor timber deck? If you have a picture in mind, share with us how you want your garden to be and we will design it.

The Process

Initial discussions

Every project starts with an idea. From magazines to online the possibilities are endless. It’s our job to weave your ideas into a concept.​​ Book a free no obligation consultation to discuss your needs and wants within the project.​ Ideally you will bring to the meeting a brief, photos you like and an idea of budget. ​During the course of the meeting feel free to ask as many questions as you wish.

Design Phase

From earlier discussions, preliminary plans are drawn containing proposed design concepts for approval.During this stage, our trusted team consisting of designers, draftsmen, surveyors and engineers take care of preliminaries as we move forward to obtain a building permit. We work closely with our clients discussing in detail the finishes and fixtures, ​keeping in mind the budget and style of the project.

Construction Phase

Once a building permit has been obtained construction will commence You can sit back in the comfort of knowing you have one point of call and your vision is not lost in a chain of commands. From initial design phase to construction phase your project manager is also your builder who is onsite closely working with trusted trades to bring your vision to life.

Timber Ideas

Generally deck subfloors are the same, treated pine bearers, joists and concrete stumps. But what is the difference in the finish timber? Here are a few of our favourites.

Cypress is a Australian timber grown in NSW. It is a Durability class 1 above ground that has low shrinkage rates and is termite resistant. It is milled with a rough sawn finish that will grey off when the sun oxidises it, sealing the timber underneath. It is a softwood that acts like a hardwood and the trees are selectively harvested, via a thinning process, ensuring a sustainable, cost effective option for your decking.


Blackbutt is a common tree in the wild and its timber is an Australian favourite. The timber is a light pale straw, it’s hardy and versatile. Blackbutt’s colour, figure and suitability for staining makes it popular for indoor use. Additionally, its high natural durability and strength make it popular for external & structural use. Blackbutt is the ideal choice for decking and construction if you live in an area prone to bushfire. In fact, it was one of seven hardwood timber species approved by the Building Commission in Victoria for home construction in bushfire areas.

Spotted Gum is currently the highest volume native hardwood harvested in Queensland. It is primarily plantation grown and there is a plentiful ongoing supply. As decking boards, Spotted gum weighs approximately 1010kg per cubic metre, which gives a good indication of its excellent density. Unseasoned Spotted Gum can expect 0.3%shrinkage when laid, which is a great indicator of its suitability for decking uses as movement and shrinkage are unlikely. In addition, it is naturally termite resistant, as well as very low in tannin compared to other hardwood such as Merbau

Merbau timber is imported from Southeast Asia. The species Intsia bijuga grows naturally in much of the Pacific Rim region, particularly the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea. Because of where it is sourced and the way the tannins run and stain we prefer to stay well away from this one.

Stringybark (sometimes written stringy bark) comes in three colour variations: white, yellow and red. White stringybark has a durability rating of 3 and may not be suitable for outdoor use. Yellow stringybark has a durability rating of 2, so is suitable for decking. Red stringbark is less common and may be more expensive than yellow.

Most decking builders use yellow stringybark because of its price and durability. Worm holes and gum veins are present in stringy bark. For some, these variations are welcome, but others prefer a more consistent appearance.

If you want a deck that will last forever (or almost), then ironbark is what you’re looking for. The timber got its name because of its heaviness and high density. It is a difficult timber to work with due to its density, but has the highest possible durability rating of 1.

Ironbark is a beautiful timber, with colours ranging from pale brown to deep red. Aside from being one of the most durable timbers, ironbark is also highly fire, termite and rot resistant. If you’re looking for pool decking, ironbark may be your best choice.


Modwood is a Australian made Composite decking. Made from 90% Recycled materials it is mould, mildew,stain,scratch resistant, it requires no maintenance. Whats not to like.
A higher cost upfront but the long term benifits are worth it.