No one wants to spend their hard earned money on a home that is going to require a lot of extra maintenance and upkeep. In Australia, we have to deal with some pretty harsh climates, which can take its toll on your home if it’s not protected properly. There are a few external finishes that you can use on your home to help protect it from the weather and keep it looking great for years to come!
In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best external finishes to protect your home from the Australian climate. We’ll also talk about how each finish can help improve the look and durability of your home. Read on for more information!

About Elliott Building Group builds for Australian harsh climates.
We build throughout geelong and the bellarine peninsula, we have harsh summer sun and cold rainy winters.
Every product that we build with externally must be able to handle these conditions year in and year out and either age gracefully
or look the same throughout its life time.

Ideas to consider when designing a low maintenance home/ extension.
Where to start?
So the idea of building or extending is for front in your mind.
You have the finance and the dream.
Where to best invest your money?

Here are a few ideas that we have put together to consider.

7 of the best External Finishes to protect your home from Australia’s harsh Climates

Custom extension geelong

Colourbond roofs
Colourbond roofs while using a lot of energy to make, can last in excess of 30 years .

Great aluminum windows
Aluminum windows such as Rylock Windows ( ) are more expensive upfront but are backed with a great warranty and once installed there will be no dramas with seasonal swell. Aluminium windows do not need to be repainted and require little to no maintence throughout there lifetime.

Cement Sheeting
Cement Sheeting such as the James Hardie range of cement products offer a no rot pre primed solution for external cladding.
While care must be taken when cutting these products once installed, will last a lifetime.

Timber cladding
Timber cladding And decking products offer a sustainable approach to building. Timber stores carbon preventing it entering the atmosphere and whilst looking great can also offer bushfire attack level ratings. Timber cladding can offer a soft element to harsh building materials but can be a high cost upfront and will require maintenance depending on your choice of finish.

Bricks are a great way of keeping your home low maintenance whilst also creating a constant ambient temperature throughout the home. The thermal mass of bricks store the heat from the sun over the course of the day and at night time release this heat back into the home.

External roofing structures
External roofing structures over external front and back doors will offer protection from the sun and elements and stop swell and rot of external timber doors. Much like eaves, these structures have a integral purpose to our homes.


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